The purposes of this group are:

  • to establish a collective of regional artists interested in meeting with other artists to paint en plein air
  • to establish a database of accessible painting locations
  • to discuss anything related to painting en plein air including tips, supplies, mediums, etc
About NH Plein Air    

The group was founded on July 19, 2004 by artist Sharon E. Allen of Derry, NH, with the support and encouragment of fellow artists Elaine Farmer and Joanne Beausoleil, both of Londondonderry, who also serve as assistant moderators for the group.

NHPleinAir is a unique collective of regional plein air artists from throughout NH and neighboring regions of Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont, with a few members from outside the region as well. The purpose of the group is to provide a communications base for our region’s plein air artists where members can connect with other artists for painting outings, discuss problems or tips and techniques unique to painting en plein air, share photos of their works for critique and help, and share information on any related topic such as framers, printers, art supply vendors, and much more.

With nearly 350 members, one can almost always find others available to get out to paint on almost any day, weekday or weekend, and as a result, there are often opportunities for several outings within a week. With members spread throughout the region, it’s also frequently possible to form carpools with others to get to a more distant location. The group logged more than 40 outings & activities in its first year and has continued to have frequent outings & activities.

NHPleinAir holds group exhibits of members’ works created on group outings and was featured in Plein ) Air magazine on several occasions. Membership in the group is free and the only expenses (other than the artists own supplies, food, and transportation costs) are class or workshop fees and voluntary monetary contributions for gas when carpooling. There are entry fees for some exhibits, and those fees are used are used to cover advertising, printing of tags or labels, and other expenses related directly to the exhibit.

We were based at Yahoo!Groups from 2004-2016 but are now at Groups.IO. Group members can a variety of features including a group Calendar, Databases, Photo Sharing, a Wiki, and more.To protect members from Spammers as much as possible, membership in the group is restricted and must be approvved by a Moderator.

About Our Members    
NHPleinAir members are an ecclectic collection of people from all walks of life who share a passion for painting en plein air or collecting plein air works.

Our membership spans generations, and the only age “restriction” is that members must be 18+ - largely due to worries over the issue of transporting minors on more distant outings.

Member artists are of all levels of technical ability, spanning the range from beginning hobbyists to professional art teachers to signature members of professional art societies and every level in between.

And our members are equally diverse in their mediums of choice—acrylics, charcoal, inks, oils, pastels, watercolors— some who specialize in one specific medium and others who may vary their medium of choice depending on location or weather conditions.

In addition to all of our NH members, we also have members from nearby areas of MA & ME, and several from more distant States like CA, FL, IN, NJ, NY, and PA as well as a couple of members from Canada. These folks find our discussions and the info available in our Wiki, Files, and photos to be helpful and informative, and some travel to NH on business or vacation and like the benefit of having local painting buddies while they are here.

As shown in photos throughout this website, on outings our members can be found painting side by side (or within shouting distance!) in a relaxed atmosphere, offering both companionship & friendly support & encouragment to each other , while respecting the fact that the more experienced members are also there to paint and not to give instruction.

Members each receive a name tag to wear on outings, identifying them as members of the group. Participation in outings/activities is recognized by a dot or other sticker, and member artists may have a full palette on their “badge of courage” by the end end of the season!

Our Groups.IO Features    
  • Calendar: Our NHPleinAir group calendar is accessible by all members and contains information on events of general interest to our group members including our own events and events sponsored or hosted by other organizations that would be of interest to our general membership
  • Photos Section where albums can be created for individual member photos as well as for group event photos
  • Files Section where we can share show or workshop applications and other documents
  • dates and locations of other exhibit
  • database for keeping track of upcoming event attendees or anything else that can be organized into a table
  • our own WIKI - a compendium of all of our accumulated knowledge of all things related to plein air painting
  • Subgroups - for organizing members in various regions

To become a member of NHPleinAir: